Oxygenation Station

10 Oct

How can the funnest of all toys – the board game – be even more fun? I’m sure its a question you’ve often asked yourself. Although it may seem impossible, luckily I have the answer; make a board game about the circulatory system!

I designed Oxygenation Station for a community open day at the university a couple of months ago to go in the goodie bags. It’s a pretty simple premise – you play as red blood cells collecting the oxygen from the lungs and dropping it off in the various organs. Players take it in turns to move around the board using the number spinner and selecting organs to oxygenate. First person to oxygenate all the organs wins.

This game should be good for younger children (9-12 years old) to get the basic principals of oxygenation, red blood cells and the circulatory system. If you want to differentiate it or make it more suitable for older children you could add questions that need to be answered when dropping off the oxygen. You can get the pdf file for the game from the link above and I’ve uploaded the game (which includes instructions) to the work sheets page.

We’re also getting 1000 printed out to give away at the Manchester Science Festival, Science Spectacular event. Pop down to the Manchester Museum on Saturday 29th  October and get a printed game and other biology freebies at the science take away stand. Or download it here.


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