27 Feb

What can you do with a Bio-Science degree? As I’m in the third year of a four year PhD, it’s a question I OFTEN ask myself. If I’m not 100% sure of the career options in Biology, how is a 15 year old school student supposed to know? Hopefully the BioPathways videos will help students make the link between a Biology degree  (or any other degree for that matter) and a future career.

I recently filmed some short interviews with science graduates who’ve gone into different types of careers. The videos are designed to be used in a workshop I’m developing called BioPathways. The workshop will go into schools and involves short, exciting Biology practicals, which will be coupled with these videos. Hopefully it will help the school students see a link between a subject they enjoy and a career they can pursue one day. The worhop and the video have been funded by the Biochemical Society. Here they are;


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    […] but exciting Biology practicals coupled with short videos of people who’ve studies Bio-sciences (see this earlier post). The aim of the workshop was to enthuse students about science and help them see a link between a […]

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