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Colour in a Cell

5 Jul

coloured in cellThis weekend I’m heading over to  Live from Jodrell Bank. The huge astrophysics centre is turning into a music venue for 2 days to host – amongst others – The Australian Pink Floyd, Johnny Marr and New Order. The real star of the show, however, (pun intended) is the science 😉 . If you’re going to the event be sure to swing by the science arena. They’ll be Science Grrl, The Manchester Immunology Group Worm Wagon and Manchester Girl Geeks. They’re just the ones I know about!

I’ll also be there running the Cell Cookies activities. This time I’ve designed a new hand out which is ‘Colour in a Cell’.

For the colour in sheet click here.

Click here for a sheet with more info on the structures.

I think this is suitable for anyone who likes colouring in! In terms of students maybe 11 – 13 year olds? What do you think? I’d love to get feedback and there’s a comment section below begging to typed in 🙂 .



9 May

My favourite thing on the internet at the moment definitely has to be SciShow. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. This youtube station has a whole tonne of awesomeness in the form of informative, witty and surprising science videos.

Now I know what you’re thinking; ‘Liz you’re a scientist, why would you want to watch science videos in your free time?’ Well I’ll tell you why – I’m a geek. Only joking, it’s because scientists don’t know that much about science.

That might seem like a contradiction but what I mean is that, unless you’re a polymath, as a scientist you tend to know a lot about your specific bit of science but not that much about the other bits. Let’s not forget science encompasses how everything in the entire universe works. That’s quite a lot for anyone to learn and remember.  So although I know a quite a bit about cell biology and a fair amount of  general biology, the further you get away from what I research the less I tend to know. This is why I love SciShow, there’s so much interesting stuff on there about physics, geology, chemistry, the history of science and more.

Everything is explained really clearly and the presenter is very funny. So whether you’re a scientist, a teacher or someone who has a vague interest in science, I definitely recommend you give it a look. Even if you don’t enjoy it, you’ll probably learn something. But you probably will enjoy it.


27 Feb

What can you do with a Bio-Science degree? As I’m in the third year of a four year PhD, it’s a question I OFTEN ask myself. If I’m not 100% sure of the career options in Biology, how is a 15 year old school student supposed to know? Hopefully the BioPathways videos will help students make the link between a Biology degree  (or any other degree for that matter) and a future career.

I recently filmed some short interviews with science graduates who’ve gone into different types of careers. The videos are designed to be used in a workshop I’m developing called BioPathways. The workshop will go into schools and involves short, exciting Biology practicals, which will be coupled with these videos. Hopefully it will help the school students see a link between a subject they enjoy and a career they can pursue one day. The worhop and the video have been funded by the Biochemical Society. Here they are;

Calling all Bio-science graduates!

9 Dec

Help inspire the next generation of biologists AND become famous (sort of)!

I’m looking to film micro-interviews (10-30 seconds) of Biology graduates.  I recently received funding from the Biochemical Society to set up a science outreach program. The workshop is aimed at school children who are from areas/backgrounds that make them less likely to go to university. The aim of the workshop is NOT to convince everybody that university is amazing. Instead it aims to make children more aware of university and the careers available with a university degree.

As part of the workshop we want to show short videos with clips of real people who studied biology and have gone on into different careers. I’m particularly interested in finding Biology graduates who have gone into the following careers;

  • Research at Pharma or Biotech
  • Clinical Research
  • Ecology/Conservation
  • Food Science
  • Patent Law
  • Medicine
  • Business Development
  • PR
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Education
  • Writing – Journalism or Medical
  • Anything at all if it’s interesting!

If you are (or you know anybody who is) in the Manchester or London area and are willing to be film a very short interview, please contact me here. The interviews will be in the second week of January in the afternoons and evenings.

If you want any further information or you’d like to get involved please contact me here.